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Mounting smartphone for Olivecast Body Camera App

Using a smartphone as body camera requires proper mounting. Consider an removable belt clip that you can easily attach to a shirt or polo tee shirt

One of the common questions is "How to mount your smartphone so that the camera is pointing where you want" as a body camera. Most smartphones do not come with such accessories so you would have to find a way to mount. Another consideration would be that you might also need to use your phone so the phone should still be easily accessible.

Our recommended method is to mount via a Phone Belt Clip that can also be easily removable.

Mounting Options for Body Camera Smartphone App

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The belt clip can be attached to a pocket, lanyard, lapel or our recommended way is at the center of your shirt. Here is how it looks like in usage 

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Your phone is still easily accessible with the quick release button. You can easily bring it back to body camera position as well. If you have a strap you can choose option 2 which allows you to direct the camera position.

Video of Actual Footage from Olivecast with Samsung XCover 5

This is an actual video footage taken on Olivecast and a Samsung XCover 5. We configured it to use Back Camera and landscape mode. The Back camera has better stabilization and resolution and Landscape mode provides a wider field of view.

Why Use your Smartphone as a Body Cam?  

OliveCast is positioned for users who do not need the high end features of Body Cameras. 

  1. Save Cost on Equipment - Allow your officers to carry one device that can be used for Guard Tour, Communication and also as a Body Cam. Save on additional equipment costs by streamlining and reusing current assets. 
  2. Send videos faster - Because Olivecast Body Camera runs on your smartphone, you can easily send the video file out when required via Email or WhatsApp
  3. WiFi and Cloud Storage - Use Smartphone Apps like Google Drive or Dropbox to do automatic Syncing via WiFi. This is a much cheaper option that other vendor's backup options.

Download and try OliveCast now on your own phone